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About St Andrews Primary School

Some of our key characteristics: 

  • Child-Centred learning - focus on the whole student as an individual

  • Supportive and aspirational

  • Real learning as the basis of teaching

  • Inclusive and accepting

  • Community driven

  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere

  • Arts integration: Visual arts, music program

In addition to our diverse learning programs, our students have spacious grounds to play and learn in. We have a full size football oval, tennis and basketball courts, two fantastic playgrounds and a sand and water play area for students to play in. One of our most favoured play areas is cubby land, an area where students work together to build cubbies in our bush setting. 

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Values and Purpose

Our school community's purpose is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and passion needed to be caring, responsible and courageous learners who will contribute positively to our community. 

Values and purpose
Teaching staff

Our Team

All of the students call our staff by their first names:

School Documents & Policies

At St Andrews Primary School we are continually trying to improve our communication and transparency with our wonderful school community.  

Many of our school policies and documentation can be found below. If you would like to know more, please get in contact with us.

For Department of Education and Training policies, click below:

School policies
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St Andrews Primary School

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