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Welcome to STAPS! 

The St Andrews Primary School community's purpose is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and passion they need to be caring, responsible, and courageous learners who will positively contribute to their community. Focusing clearly on supporting and developing the whole child, we are a small, student-focused school on the outskirts of Melbourne, situated in the township of St Andrews.


STAPS is a vibrant part of the town, where our students are keen to come to school to learn and to be a part of something special. Our small size and location make us a unique place for young people to start their educational journey.

Our parents remind us that "if they say it takes a village to raise a child... then STAPS is that village!"

STAPS is an engaged, close-knit learning community - engaged with the wider community.

For a personalised tour, please call the school on 9710 1255 to make a time. We are an easy distance from Hurstbridge, Panton Hill, Kangaroo Ground, Kinglake, Doreen, and other towns nearby.  

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Parent feedback:
What is a highlight for you at STAPS?

Our small group targeted teaching

"The small group targeted teaching is a favourite of mine - it allows my kids to excel in areas that they are confident in with their peers and gives them more support when they are behind in some areas. I think this is only possible and successful because we are a small school."

"Targeted teaching seems to be of great advantage for both my children. The individual nature of this approach appears superior on all measures and specifically ensures that my children will excel in the areas to which they are suited."

Our staff

"All staff have always been so helpful and open to discuss what is going on for my children. I've always felt welcome to bring things up with them. Teachers being out before and after school makes this process easy."

"The teachers are always striving to be the best for their students and support them the best they can."

Our music / band program

"This school has had a passion for music unlike any other school in the area (clearly sets us apart) and it has been an incredible experience for the kids (particularly pre-covid) - especially in the form of band nights at the pub."

'I think music is a great skill to have. It's an amazing opportunity at our school that they can play in a band at such a young age, and the excitement of being able to perform on a stage (in the past at the pub) is a huge highlight that the young kids aspire towards."

Student voice - the way students are given choice in their learning

"Being active participants and decision-makers is empowering and teaches kids to think and take responsibility for their learning."

The way our students get along

"I like that students are taught to respect one another and have empathy towards each other. It’s essential for students well-being to feel safe at school and liked by their peers." 

Individualised learning supports for students

"Individual learning supports for students is a highlight because it’s critical as each child learns differently, at a different pace. I think small class sizes and having a teaching aid allows STAPS to address each child’s learning individually."

Our specialist program

"Having dedicated STEM and Japanese teachers is amazing for our kids' learning. They are engaged and interested beyond the standard scope of the classroom."

Our assemblies

"My children have been hosting assembly since they were in prep. They are both completely comfortable public speaking and acting things out. They love preparing for and taking part in assembly." 

"Our assembly format gives the kids so much confidence for later in life."

Our community

"Our community is simply the best. While there could be more, those that engage are hard working, dedicated, open and accepting people. This includes the parent & wider community as well as the entire STAPS staff. Its reflection shows in everything from the interaction of our students, who get along perfectly in and out of class, to the upkeep and advancement of the school and surrounds."

Our continuous reporting with learning tasks

"Continuous reporting lets us know what going on so we don't miss things and assume our child is going ok when they may not be." 

Parent Highlights

Our Acting Principal's characterisation of St Andrews Primary School at the end of Term 1, 2022

Student feedback

"I love at St Andrews how all us kids are friends. It doesn't matter how old we are we all get along. It is kind of like we all what each other to do well so we cheer each other on and if someone is hurt we protect them, so what I am trying to say is that everyone is nice at St Andrews."

"I love that St Andrews embraces our individuality and allows us to be ourselves."

"I love that we get to learning Japanese, STEM and music."

"I love our inquiry lessons, they are hands on and we are discovering new things especially around chemical science."

"I love our special events especially when our parents can come, my favourite has been the market stalls and hotdog day."

"I love that we are a small school and we all know each other."

"The teachers are really nice and kind and making learning fun. They take the time to listen and understand us."

"We have a Principal that doesn’t yell at us and includes us all in the school."

Benefits of choosing a small school



Every Victorian school must follow the curriculum to give your child a common set of knowledge and skills for their future but what sets one school apart from another?


A small school allows flexibility in learning. Smaller numbers of students allow greater teacher student engagement, with much more freedom and opportunity to foster students interests and implement new ideas quickly. With excellent student / teacher ratios, studies have shown that students who attend small primary schools outperform those in large schools on every academic and social measure.


Parents may worry that small schools do not have the resources or range of activities that a larger school can offer. A small school can actually tailor individualised learning and homework programs as well as extracurricular activities.


Due to student interest, St Andrews Primary School has arranged a lunchtime chess club, is developing a kitchen garden with indigenous plantings, and due to overwhelming student interest, is looking forward to introducing cooking opportunities with our own produce.

St Andrews Primary School provides students with the knowledge, passion and skills they need to be caring, responsible and courageous learners and future leaders in our community.

See our Learning page for more information. 



At the heart of every small school is a highly engaged community of students, teachers, parents and more who go above and beyond for their school. It provides a unique opportunity to be involved in your child’s education and cement friendships well beyond the playground.


In a community where all the parents and children know each other and work together students learn not only to celebrate their own achievements but take pride in the achievements of others.


A small school can act like a large family. Multiage classes mean children learn to mix with older and younger students, providing opportunities for growth and development, learning from older students and teaching their younger peers. These social and emotional skills develop personal responsibility, respect and relationships across year groups which can often be missing from larger schools.


St Andrews Primary School strives to promote a sense of belonging, contribution and pride in each student, the achievements of their peers, their school and the greater St Andrews community.

See our Community page for more information. 



The wellbeing of your child throughout the primary school years sets them up for their future. The past two years have shone a spotlight on the need to consider children’s mental health within the school environment.


A small school allows educators to focus on the whole child, not just their academic results, to notice and respond to any changes in behaviour or emotional state in a child.


St Andrews Primary School has several strategies in place throughout the school to assist all our students socially and emotionally. We have part-time school Chaplain and each classroom has a calm corner where students can reset if they are feeling overwhelmed. We have found that rewarding school-wide positive behaviour for our core values – caring, responsible and courageous – has significantly improved overall student behaviour, outlook and wellbeing.

See our Wellbeing page for more information. 



Can your child be heard?


For some children, a large class in a large school causes them to withdraw and effectively hide amongst the many children. A small school lets your child be seen and allows for their voice to be heard. It encourages participation, and through this, the confidence to express their own opinions within a safe and encouraging space.


One of our parents elaborates on their experience between a large school and St Andrews Primary School:


“We moved our child to St Andrews Primary School after attending a significantly larger school in the city. Our child had become withdrawn and was not engaged with learning, hiding in the back of the class so as not to stand out. Since coming to St Andrews Primary School, they are a different child - confident, articulate and completely engaged in the classroom. The small school environment was what they needed to find their voice.”


If you would like to know more about why our school might be a great fit for your child, give us a call on 9710 1255, we would love to welcome you to the STAPS community!

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St Andrews Primary School

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