Physical Education

Students at St Andrews Primary School have a weekly PE lesson with the Physical Education Specialist. They also take part in a variety of PE activities during the week with their class teachers and as a part of the inter school sports.


Music is a part of life for almost everyone - we just differ in our levels of engagement with it. It can enrich and enhance our life experience and often forms part of the social fabric that binds social groups. At St Andrews PS all children are encouraged to interact and learn about all instruments including Guitar, Piano, Keyboards and Drums. St Andrews PS also have a wonderfully talented Band and Choir.

Marc Van

MARC services have been key contributors to the educational programs for students in small rural schools across the state since the 1970’s. Mobile Area Resources Centres (MARC) are designed to provide small state schools with enhanced literacy curriculum offering resources and additional library services. St Andrews PS is the the base school for the MARC Van for the Whittlesea area.

Grade 6 Leadership

The Leadership Group have the opportunity to take an active part in school decisions. They learn to develop arguments for and against and they learn organisational skills involved with running an activity.


St Andrews Primary School uses AUSVELS and VELS to plan and assess students. Within the 3-6 grades, students learn via inquiry and small groups which focus on their individual learning needs.