Community - Forms and Notices

On the 26th of March 2019, our Principal, Hayley Bawden, presented the Annual Report to the School Community. It reflects the period of change that the school went through in 2018, with a large amount of time and energy outlaid to ensure a thorough review was completed during the year. It outlines the bright future we have ahead of us, with positive, informed and energetic teachers and school staff, feeling enthusiastic about the improvements that will be made over the coming years. 

      2018 Annual Report to the Community

On the same night, our School Council President, Mel Bartlett, shared her own report. It shares with us the positive impact that our departed Principal, Dean Simpson, had on our Community and the many positive events and occurences that happened to make us proud to be a part of this wonderful school. Please enjoy reading it. 

      School Council President's Report

2018 was a review year for St Andrews Primary School. At the conclusion of the review period, the following report was formalised to guide the direction of the school through to 2021. To guide 

         2018 - 2021 School Strategic Plan

The following Annual Implementation Plan guides the direction of the school for this calendar year. As you will see in the document, this year we will be striving to develop in the areas of; 

- Improving Student Outcomes in Reading and Writing

- Increasing Student Agency in Learning 

      2019 Annual Implementation Plan

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